Samaroha Update

Hello SRGMites,

We had an almost full-house attendance this Sunday. We also had three new prospect members. We sang "Janmadinamidam" to our Dec/Jan birthday girls, Ramya, Usha and Annu.

After the Ganesha stuti, we sang the Tulsi Bhajan "Gopala Gokula". Then we went over our new song, the Purandara Daasa Kriti "Raagi Tandera" in the raga Aahir Bhairav, in detail. Lastly we did yet another session on "Vaatapi". Thanks to Romilla – she has added the singing details for this song. We will post it in our page in a couple of days.

Next class we will start a short Tyagaraja kriti – hopefully "Marugelara"

We have decided to have the next Samaroha on the 26th of February. Our hosts this time are Shobha and Mukund. Shobha will be sending a detailed email about it.

Samaroha Chorus Songs

The chorus songs for the Samaroha are the following:

  1. Ganesha song: Vatapi
  2. Tulsidas Bhajan: Gopala Gokula
  3. Purandara Dasa Kriti: Raagi Tandeera
  4. Tyagaraja Kriti: Marugalara
  5. Sangeeta Samrajya ( time permitted)

The Monday group will sing the varna (Taruni) in the raga Kambodbhi

For your solos, please work with me and try to start asap, so you will be well prepared. The theme this time is to give a quick intro on the composer before you sing.


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